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Laser cutting

With continuous advancing and investing in our production processec we have created an opportunity to make material procesing more precise, faster, economic.

Our macine park became richer for one Prima Power Platino Fiber laser, high-tec machine with low power consumption, smaller operator and maintanace costs.

Leader in laser technology in meaning of flexibility and quality. Comparing with classic CO2 lasers, Fiber laser is faster, simpler to maintanace, better cut quality, specially on high reflective materials as aluminium, copper and brass.

Laser cutting advantages

We perform laser cutting of sheets and pipes.

Maximum thicknesess of material:

“In addition, we can offer CAD/CAM preparation of drawings or optimizations with yours or our material.

Every project is a new challenge for us which we take with special attention and with great responsibility to make our customers happy.

If you have needs for our sevices you can send non-binding inquiry with your part drawings in dwg/dxf/.stp format and we will make you an offer in shortest time we can.”